Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Issue: You want to add mouse-over values within your graph portlets, but when you attempt to add this feature the mouse-over labels do not show up.

Resolution: Go to the administration side of the application, in the section titled "General Settings" there is a link called "System Options". Within this page, there is global setting for "Graph Format". If that is set to "JPG" the mouse-over will not work - this is a bug logged with CA. If you change the settings to "SVG" the mouse-over will work.

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How to Add Action Item Response Values

Issue: You want to add value options to the list within action items. The default has only Approved, Rejected, Approved with Conditions, and Done.

Resolution: Go find the lookup called Process Default Status with an id of PROCESS_DEFAULT_AI_STATUS. This is the lookup that controls the action items values. You can simply add values to this list or deactivate existing values.

More at http://www.regoconsulting.com/

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to make a field required on the edit vs. create screen

Issue: You want to make a field mandatory on the edit screen, but not required on the create screen, or just make it mandatory on the subpage you have it on.

Resolution: Within the object administration under attributes, there is a global required checkbox in the configuration for the attribute. Within the object administration under views, there is a view required checkbox that will apply to all subpage views that field is on.

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User error on a portlet - they cannot configure

Issue: A user configures their CA Clarity portlet and has an error when they go to the portlet such that they can no longer access the configuration page of the portlet to restore defaults.

Resolution: Option 1: re-publish the portlet or view (this affects all). Option 2: give the URL to the user for the general page of the portlet config – then have them go directly to the URL and hit “restore defaults”

More at http://www.regoconsulting.com/